It has almost been four months since man kind detected its first Corona Virus case. We have seen a sudden spike and if medical experts are to be believed, it is turning out to be exactly as was expected. It is to be seen how high the numbers will go and how many of them will translate into death.

Corona Virus

Myths around nutrition

A lot of people are now focusing on improving their immune system and looking at it as a way to combat the coronavirus. “The fact remains that if your immune system is strong, you will be able to deal with ‘any’ virus way better than those with compromised immunity,. However, there are no foods that will protect you specifically against COVID-19. To stay healthy, everyone should exercise, (particularly breathing exercises) and also follow a healthy diet.” In fact, the lockdown provides us with a great opportunity to eat healthy, fresh home-cooked food.
When it comes to eating healthy we all know that we should avoid sugar-rich foods, minimize consumption of refined carbs, avoid white bread, have more fiber, more coloured fruits and vegetables as they are rich in antioxidants, avoid packaged food, avoid bad fats, focus on healthy fats like nuts. But we tend to overlook a specific nutrient which is all the more important right now – Vitamin D.

Importance of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is believed to be an immuno-modulator. Several studies have proven that Asians, especially white-collared persons, are commonly Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D affects our bone health and lack of it doesn’t let the body absorb calcium. Studies have also linked Vitamin D deficiency with respiratory infections – and as we all know Corona virus (COVID-19) affects primarily the lungs. It is common sense, therefore, to ensure that or vitamin D status is optimal during these difficult times.

The trickiest part is that we can’t get Vitamin D through our diet. According to Doctors, we should use Vitamin D fortified milk (please look for the F+ sign on the packet). Some of us can get our daily D fix from exposure to sunlight between 11 am and 3 pm, especially that the air pollution is down these days. If that looks like a challenge, small doses (1000-2000 IU) of Vitamin D taken daily won’t hurt and will help your body build overall immunity.