Guns, violence, drugs cartels, power and an underdog fighting for what is right –these have been the components of an enticing drama for the longest of time. And while several shows have been made on this storyline, Netflix has undoubtedly stood out with its own version of the drug wars story – Narcos. After taking viewers into the world of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and his cartels in Columbia, the digital media giant is now retelling the story of Mexico with the latest Netflix Original Series – Narcos: Mexico. This companion series was released about a month ago and is already one of the most successful and loved Original series of 2018.

From the striking differences between the emotionally driven Columbian drug-lord, Pablo Escobar and the strategic rational thinking Mexican king-pin, Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo to the brilliant jaunt of power, money and corruption in the 1980s, Narcos: Mexico narrates an enthralling tale of the origin of the modern Mexican drug wars and the strategic union of the independent cannabis growers and dealers. While there is no doubt that the show is a success, the question that many Netflix lovers are asking is – What makes Narcos: Mexico a winning formula? So here is our analysis, with minimal spoilers possible!

Building a successful ‘business’
Everybody loves a success story, whether it is of a self-made businessman or a drug lord who brought process and system into the drug trafficking business. And Narcos: Mexico narrates the success story of one such godfather – Félix Gallardo aka El Padrino. Felix’s vision of uniting all the small and big drug dealers in Mexico and building a systematic supply chain for selling in the US, and his attitude towards fixing every problem, is a key contributor in making this series a hot favourite. He is the ruthless drug kingpin, who knows how to get things done, every single time. And this story of El Padrino and his strategy is what makes Narcos: Mexico a thrilling show to watch.

Playing with emotions
The bad guy is doing bad things, with the support of the corrupt government, his strong internal ties, and money. The good guy tries to fight against this guy with resilience. This story of the good vs bad, that takes viewers through an emotional roller-coaster, in the middle of the action-packed drug cartels of Mexico, leaves fans yearning for more. The drama between Félix Gallardo and the dedicated Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena keeps the fans engrossed in this story. Some cheer for Kiki, some applaud the ruthlessness of Gallardo, but all the fans cannot help but be affected by this encapsulating story.

The history of it all
While drug lord stories are in themselves quite enticing, knowing that the story is based on true events adds to the viewer’s interest. How many times have we witnessed the story of a drug lord having an army working under him, with the government in his pocket? Félix Gallardo’s power and his journey to building a powerful empire with the Guadalajara Cartel is, is based on true events, and this thought helps to increase the viewers’ interest instantly.

Cinematic perfection
Retelling a historic story can be tricky. However, Narcos: Mexico kills it with its script that captures the hostile environment the DEA agents faced. DEA’s emergence and their struggle to be taken seriously is beautifully interpreted in this historical drama. Gallardo’s journey from a small-town cop turned henchman in Sinaloa to becoming the founder of modern drug trade in Mexico is stunningly captured in Narcos: Mexico. This script beautifully translates the enticing story of Mexico’s Godfather, with intimidating action scenes and stellar performances by the cast. Michael Peña and Diego Luna especially leave a lasting impression in their roles of a struggling cop and the ruthless drug lord.

Narcos: Mexico has the perfect balance of an enthralling crime drama, with nuanced writing, breath-taking cinematics, and awe-inspiring performances. This Netflix original brings out everything there is to love about a crime drama, giving us a glimpse into the reality of the lawlessness that existed in Mexico in the 1980s. The show is already being renewed and is truly worth the watch, are you in line?

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of Always On Netflix by Times Internet’s Spotlight team.